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Gulf Salt Company

Gulf Salt Company was established on 17/05/1415H corresponding 21/10/1994 in a fundamental way, benefiting from the benefit what Saudi Arabia possesses of the resources. A group of businessmen and well-known commercial houses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia took this task upon themselves in their belief in the important role of the private sector to contribute to the economic renaissance witnessed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Gulf Salt Company is one of the leading companies in the Arab world in the manufacture of all types of salt in its various grades and uses. In this regard, the company has been keen to keep abreast of the latest technologies and industrial systems in this sector in order to become the leading position in this industry. The highest possible quality of all the products of the company, which led many governmental and semi-governmental bodies to adopt the specifications of their products as quality standards and this is a confirmation of the level of quality that the company cherishes.

The company has endeavored to be economically viable in all markets, where it has managed to penetrate most of the neighboring markets, and through its marketing and promotional programs, obtained high market shares during a record period, competing with the largest specialized companies in this field.

Company activity

Gulf Salt Company’s activities are production of refined salt, industrial salt, salt briquettes for water softening and production of table salt (Iodized and Non-Iodized) with highest quality in accordance with the international standards and with competitive prices, which enables the company to obtain distinguished market shares and achieve financial results commensurate with the aspirations of its owners.


Providing customers with various high-quality salt products, standard specifications and economical prices

We will achieve our Mission by

  1.  Strategic planning and goals setting.
  2.  Continuous improvement through implementation of the highest international quality standards and measures.
  3. Maintaining access to market needs and expand customers database.
  4.  Improving employees’ capabilities by providing necessary personnel, administrative and technical training.
  5.  Maintaining healthy working environment and working as a team.


Being the preferred choice for customers in the salt industry by utilizing the national talents, innovative & flexible methods and the highest quality.

Our Values

  1.  Commitment
  2.  Professionalism
  3.  Excellence
  4.  Innovation

Goals & Objectives

  1.  Utilizing the available natural resources in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  2.  Producing high quality products at competitive prices.
  3.  Obtaining the largest possible share of the local and Gulf market and then starting to the Arab and international markets.